Autoresponders and Spam – What You Need To Know

Hello Fellow Marketers,

There are laws against sending spam. There are
even laws that you must adhere to when you send
out email that was requested. No matter what type
of email you are sending out, the chances are good
that the anti-spam laws apply to you in some way.

In order to be in compliance with the anti-spam laws
in various states in the US, each commercial email
that you send must include your name or business
name, your street address, city, state, zip code,
and phone number. You must also include
instructions that will allow the recipient to remove
themselves from your mailing list. If you fail to do
any of this, you are essentially breaking the law in
various states – no matter what state or country you
live in!

Protect yourself from spam complaints in any way
that you can. Make sure that when a customer
requests any type of information from you that an
email is sent requesting confirmation before any
other email is sent. If someone is placing an order
from you, include a check box on the order form,
asking for permission to send them periodic emails.
Never use your autoresponder to send unsolicited
commercial email!

If you are looking for a quality autoresponder that is
compliant with the anti-spam laws and easy to use,
I highly recommend RocketResponder.

Here is something you already know…The money is in the list!
Here is something you may not know, building your mailing list
does not have to require a PHD in rocket science!

The guys at TimTech have simplified the auto responder and
created something you will understand the moment you sign up.
It’s easy to use – It’s powerful – Your e-mails are delivered.

It’s affordable – And it’s the perfect evergreen product
for your business! Join Rocket Responder now and see how
an auto responder should work…Simple, and easy!

To Our Mutual Success

Steven Ackerman


List Building… Nerdified!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

I will keep this short and sweet. The guys at Tim Tech the
company behind Click Track, and
others have done it again.

They have entered into the viral list building
world with brand new safelist, List Nerds!

Its fresh, its new, and its something I think this
industry really needs. A completely customized script  that
gets your emails delivered more than anything ever
before it.

List Nerds is brand new. List Nerds is awesome! It’s
something that should make list building even more
powerful than any other listbuilder

TimTech has come to party in the list building side
of the industry and it’s pretty exciting to see what
this programs potential can be!

Now they have added another great benefit,
Click Track Profit experience points (XP) to every email!
Somewhere between 50 and 1000 XP for each and
every email opened! This means a greater opening
rate for your emails!

Join List Nerds now and bring your list building up to a new level!

You’ve got to check this out to believe it….

To Our Mutual Success

Steven Ackerman

P.S. I have been using List Nerds for a while now and I love it.
The emails have no timers like other safelists. The list is very
responsive, even more so now that Tim Tech has added CTP XP points.
The emails go out fast on their great server.

Click Track Profit

Hello Fellow Marketers,

I am a member of Click Track Profit and I love it.

If you are looking to make money online and are unsure of how to proceed CTP can be of great help. CTP gives you a incredible amount of training to help you understand how internet marketing works. Plus they make it fun. There are several traffic exchanges which they either own or support where you can earn badges. Some of these badges even contain cash, up to and including $1.00.

You can start out as a free member and learn lots of valuable lessons. Once you finish that I am sure you will want to upgrade and take advantage of their advanced training. Here is the training steps that are available to you as an upgraded member of CTP

1. You start off with the basic training steps
2. Next you move to the certification steps
3. Expert steps
4. Free videos
5. Certified Videos
6. Upgraded Videos
7. StartXchange Mastery
8. Sweeva Mastery
9. ILoveHits Mastery
10. AdKreator Mastery
11. Badge Mastery
12. Twitter Mastery
13. Nerd Mastery
14. Blog Mastery
15. Tracking Mastery
16. Rountable Mastery
17. Referral Mastery
18. Login Lessons
19. ThumbVu Mastery
20. Video Tips

That is alot of training!!

Once you complete all of that you will be a expert online marketer. Many of the training steps I listed above will not appear in your training section until you have finished the Expert Steps and have upgraded your membership. And of course, Click Track Profit is a business in and of itself. You can earn commissions from recruiting new members into CTP and its core businesses I hope you enjoy the training as much as I have.

To Our Mutual Success

Steven Ackerman

P.S. When you do upgrade I would highly recommend the Kore4 Upgrade. You will be getting the very top upgrade in 5 programs including CTP for one very affordable price!

1TAE is on FIRE! Reach 605,000 members and MILLIONS of visitors!

YES it’s on FIRE! Have you seen 1TAE yet?

Opened by PIONEER site owner Maryanne Myers!
Reach 605,000 members with it.

The advertising reach at 1TAE is not in existence ANYWHERE in our arena today, and it wont be to this degree for a very long time. It takes DECADES to build this large network and this is an established advertising network with an owner who has a 2 DECADE history of ownership.

– TAE is short for Text Ad Exchange
– Win credits, cash and more
– Extreme Money Maker for anyone at any Level of Experience.
– Get seen by a massive onslaught of traffic.
– It is the best thing launching right now as it means business!

This is another shot for you to make money on very lucrative website as this is part of a 7 figure income advertising network that has paid out $100,000’s to members.

Thank you!
Steven Ackerman

LeadsLeap Has An Awesome Widget

Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share a post with you from the LeadsLeap Blog. If your not familiar with LeadsLeap, I posted a review that you can Find Here

If you scroll down the column to the right of this article you will see the LeadsLeap Widget. It has a series of ads that are rotated automatically.

This Blog Post will give you an explanation of how the widget works and you can get more traffic and leads to your website by placing this widget on your blog or websites. I hope you find this blog post helpful to your business.


To Our Mutual Success,

Steven Ackerman

Gorgeous Landing Pages Quick and Easy

This Is Great News!

Creating landing pages is a huge hassle for most marketers. You have choice: do it yourself, or hire a web page designer.

A web page designer can create a beautiful page for you, but he’ll also drain your budget. And every time you need a new page, you have to cough up more cash so your designer can afford his lattes.

The other option is to do it yourself. The problem is, it takes a lot of time to create the pages. You need some coding know-how to make them look good. And if you want to track your campaigns to see if your landing page is converting, then you need to get yourself a tracking tool or script.

It’s no wonder so many marketers only have one or two landing pages, even if they are leaving money on the table by doing so. It’s just too much work, too much time or too much money to put them together… at least if you’re going to do them right.

Until now…

Introducing the Landing Page Monkey web app, which takes away all the work by quickly and easily creating stunning landing pages with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

You don’t need to touch a single line of code. You don’t need to hire a programmer or a web page designer. You don’t even need to download and install a script, since this is a web app.

All you have to do is log into your Landing Page Monkey dashboard, click your way through the user-friendly form, and in just five minutes you too can have a cutting-edge, high-converting and mobile-responsive landing page to build your mailing list or sell your products.

You can use these landing pages to get mailing list subscribers, webinar registrations, run contests and close more sales. If you need a polished sales page or a landing page with an opt-in form, Landing Page Monkey can create it lightning-fast.

Just look at this app’s features:

• Delivers highly customizable pages. You can quickly fine-tune your landing page to get just the right look and feel to seamlessly integrate with your site. LPM lets you change layouts, font colors, font styles, background graphics and even background videos to give your landing pages a cutting-edge, polished design that’s sure to impress.

• Make changes easily on the fly. You can tweak your landing page without disrupting sales or sign ups, touching the code, or uploading anything. Just log into your dashboard, make your changes, and hit save to instantly update your pages.

• Works with all major email service providers, including Aweber, GetResponse and MailChimp and more.

• Works on your server or LPM will host your page for you. You can upload these pages to your own site, or save on bandwidth by letting LPM host the page for you at no extra charge. You don’t even need your own website to start building a mailing list with Landing Page Monkey!

• Tracks your campaigns. Landing Page Monkey tracks your impressions and mailing list sign ups so you can optimize your campaigns for maximum profits!

• 100% responsive, 0% errors. You never have to worry about faulty code throwing errors when Landing Page Monkey creates your pages – and that means 99% of all your visitors will see your landing page. Your pages will show up on all smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. Plus they’ve been rigorously tested to work across platforms, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other major browsers.

• Saves you time and money. In just minutes you’ll have a beautiful landing page that looks like it was created by a high-priced web designer. Plus LPM’s clone feature lets you replicate your favorite landing pages instantly and get them online fast.

• Get rid of tech headaches. This is a web-based app, so there is nothing to download, nothing to install, no fiddling with customizing scripts. Just log in and you’re ready to start creating pages instantly.

Listen, you won’t find a better, faster or easier way to create and publish landing pages. If you can point and click a mouse, you can create a landing page like a pro with Landing Page Monkey.

So stop monkeying around with those clumsy other tools and see for yourself why Landing Page Monkey makes list building so easy. Click here to check it out right now!

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Personal Development For Your Internet Marketing

I just found this new ebook that I think you will love as much as I do.

Here is a copy of the introduction:

“Though the Internet is considered to be a virtual place – where customers cannot see the sellers and vice-versa – the personalities of both of them are very much significant to the other.

If you aspire to become a successful Internet marketer, you need to have a personality that comes across as affable and supportive to your potential customers. This is what induces them to deal with you. The best part is that the design of the Internet today is such that it is very much possible to project such a personality.

Here is how you can do that – build your personality to build your business.”

Why Track Your Ads?

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Why is tracking your ads is so important?

As you well know, advertising is expensive and time consuming. If you are not tracking your results, you may be just throwing your advertising time and dollars right out the window. If you are not now tracking your advertising results you really should be. How else will you know if your advertising is effective. With tracking you can determine which ads are working and which ads are not, saving you time and money.

Late last year the guys at TimTech (The Click, Track, Profit guys) totally revamped TEToolbox into! The new site is totally awesome! You can even try it out absolutely free for 30 days. is tracking made simple and tracking made easy and fun. I have tried other tracking programs and this is easier to use and the results are easier to understand. If you select the business plan, you can even track with your own domain name!

With you can also rotate your links, do split testing of your ads and banners, rotate your banners, and add a website counter! You can rotate all of your banners also, not just 468×60. I am tracking standard size banners, 125×125 button banners, and 300×600 login banners and some other sizes as well.

By using I am also saving money by eliminating at least 3 other programs that I was paying for. This program is only a few months old and is growing and evolving weekly. There have already been several improvements made and I am sure there will be more. The guys at TimTech are always at the top of there game. Don’t hesitate even one more minute to start tracking your advertising click this link for your 30 day Free Trial NOW!

To Our Mutual Tracking Success,

Steven Ackerman

Covert Commissions is Awesome!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

The IM Wealth Builders have recently released their highly anticipated and successful Covert Commissions – a very easy to do plug and play system for earning massive affiliate commissions on autopilot.

I know that this sounds too good to be true… But I have seen their system and it is the real deal, and I have already started using it to make a ton of extra affiliate commissions.

Check out the page here by CLICKING HERE, it will blow you away!

They have completely eliminated the learning curve and done 99% of the work for you.

In fact they have built us all a money making machine – I am not kidding here…

And it is one of the most incredible things I have seen in all my years of internet marketing.

* You do not have to sell anything

* You do not need to learn HTML or any other techy stuff

* You do not need to have your own website, autoresponder, domain name etc.

All you have to do is send some traffic to a squeeze page… sit back, relax and count the affiliate commissions ticking in.

If you can cut and paste, you have what it takes to make money with the Covert Commissions system.

Do not wait one more minute CLICK HERE to get started now!

And I have not even mentioned all the bonuses yet – check out the page today for all the details!

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

P.S. Here is a bold statement: they virtually guarantee your success because you simply plug in to their proven system – they do all the hard work for you. You have nothing to lose. Have no fear. Do not wait. The price will go up soon!

Have You Seen Click Track Profit Lately?

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Click Track Profit is a wonderful website that provides an incredible variety of services. Lately they have made some really nice changes to their site.

If you are not a member you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you are already a member but haven’t been active for a while, you should login today and check out all the changes!

Click Track Profit that takes you by the hand and introduces you to the world of online business without complicating the process.

It’s this simple…

Click – in the best traffic exchanges!

Track – to know WHAT works and WHAT doesn’t!

Profit – Just repeat steps one and two and you are
on your way!

They also offer a wide variety of training and certifications in the training section on a wide range of subjects. Everything from building your first list to CTP Member Training, a series of short videoes produced by CTP members on a number od different business subjects.

They also make surfing traffic exchanges much more fun by providing CTP Badges, Experience Points (XP) and Team Surfing. Joining a team is a great way to interact with other like minded people and competing with other teams is great fun. Plus by being on a team you get a higher surf ratio which translates into more views for your sites.

The best feature though, in my opinion is their Kore4 Upgrade!  This incredible upgrade provides the very highest upgrade available at 5 incredible traffic producing sites.

1. Click Track Profit
2. ILoveHits
3. StartXchange
4. Sweeva
5. ThumbVu

You get this outstanding upgrade for the rediculously low price of only $30/month!  If you were to upgrade these 5 sites individiually it would cost you almost twice as much, plus the Kore4 upgrade is superior to the top upgrade at these 5 sites.

You also get a 50% commission as a Kore4 member so you only need to refer 2 members to break even.

Do yourself and your business a big favor by checking out CTP and upgrading to Kore4!

I am sure you will love it as much as I do!

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman