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If you’ve ever failed to create a WordPress site of your own or typically waste hours or even weeks trying to figure it all out on your own….Then these videos can help you 🙂


With these complete beginner tutorial videos you’ll discover the fastest easy way to learn and master WordPress!

Inside you’ll see, step-by-step…

* How to install WP plugins

* How to install WP themes

* How to use WP widgets

* How to control WP comments

* And how to write effective blog titles

These shortcut strategies take you by the hand and lead you through the WordPress creation process step-by-simple-step. Just follow along …. and you’ll be up and running in no time!

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Watch Your FREE Videos Now And Discover…
    • How to transform your blog into a powerful marketing machine with the step-by-step videos showing you how to easily install plugins and themes.


    • How to use widgets to add extra functionality and monetize your WordPress blogs


    • How to write effective blog post titles that pull in extra traffic & sales


    • And much more – all within these special FREE videos!

To Our Mutual Success,

Steven Ackerman



Hello everyone,

I have some really fantastic news!

Marty Petrizza has just launched her new site Mail-Hog.

Not only is it going to be a great credit mailer and opportunity for you to advertise your great offers, but it is also home of the new POWER MAILER.

What is the POWER MAILER you ask?

Well it connects all her great sites

email-hog, guaranteedmails, guaranteedsolomails, hotwebsitetraffic, website-traffic-hog, boomingwebsitetraffic, lazerhits, trafficboostermailer, viraladmagnet, easypeasymailer, and the new Mail-hog with the ability to mail to all from one template.

It also provides you with 1 to 4 tokens depending upon your upgrade that each token gives 500 credits at each site and 250 tokens at easypeasymailer.

That alone is a huge value and ALL upgraded members get the POWERMAILER!

This is an opportunity to really get your marketing and results moving with time saved and super advertising value!

Join Now and take advantage of HUGE SAVINGS with Launch Specials!


Steven Ackerman

Do You Use Traffic Exchanges?

Hello Fellow Marketers.

If you use Traffic Exchanges for part of your advertising budget, then you should take a very serious look at the latest project from TimTech called Kore4.

This incredible program gives you FIVE upgrades In some of the top internet advertising programs for ONE very affordable price.

Kore4 members get our highest ever upgrade package with exclusive bonuses that will never be offered to anyone else.

Here are the programs included in the Kore4 upgrade.


This incredible website takes you by the hand and introduces you to the world of online business without complicating the process.

It is this simple…

Click – in the best traffic exchanges!
Track – to know WHAT works and WHAT doesn’t!
Profit – Just repeat steps one and two and you are on your way!


I have seen some amazing results from Sweeva. It’s not like anything you have ever experienced before but what is so cool is that it’s very easy to set up and get working for your web sites. It takes about 5 minutes to sign up and get started.
Be sure to check it out and experience what Sweeva calls ‘social browsing’. You surf with hundreds of other members, you get to rate sites as they appear and you can network with like minded individuals.

I Love Hits

I Love Hits has been online since 2001 and has delivered millions upon millions of quality page views to it’s members! What do you get when you step into the advertising ring at I Love Hits? You get results!


StartXchange brings the power of traffic exchanges together with social networking to empower you to build your business to new heights! Swap traffic and business with real people from around the world.

Business online is no longer about how many page views you can get, but how many people are loyal to you. It’s all about real relationships and real fans!

StartXchange helps you expand your reach in this social atmosphere by bringing new people into your corner of the web. They’re just like you, people looking for others to exchange traffic with.


ThumbVu is a brand new concept in web site promotion and social marketing. We have flipped the concept of promotion and focused on YOU, the marketer. Programs and services come and go, but a personal brand lasts a lifetime. So why not focus on YOU first and network with like minded entrepreneurs, build your social awareness and grow your brand with ThumbVu. It’s awesome. It’s easy. And it’s a lot of fun.

As soon as you join Kore4 you are automatically upgraded in ClickTrackProfit, ILoveHits, Sweeva, StartExhange and ThumbVu. Nobody else outside of Kore4 will ever be offered a better upgrade package. You will receive a monthly bonus package of credits, banners, CTP goodies and much more which is exclusive to Kore4 members and access to a special members-only forum where you can learn never previously revealed TimTech business secrets.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Do You Need Stunning Banners!

Hello Fellow Marketers,


I have written about this before but I love Fugly Banners so much I just had to bring it up again!

This incredible program makes it so easy to build your own unique and stunning banners in nine different sizes, easy and free! You can also go back and edit your new banners just as fast. Plus, Fugly Banners also hosts all your newly created banners, forever! I just created three new banners to display on my blog this morning in less than a 30 minutes.

Fugly Banners has a huge varity of backgrounds, fonts, colors, borders, clip art images, and buttons. Plus, you can upload your own backgrounds and images from your computer.

The nine sizes available for you are:

728 X 90 Leaderboard Banners
600 X 300 Login Banner
468 X 60 Full Banners
300 X 250 Medium Rectangle
250 X 250 Square Banner
200 X 200 Small Square
160 X 600 Wide Skyscraper Banner
125 X 125 Button Banner
120 X 600 Skyscraper Banner

Here is just one example of the banners you can create:

Standard Affiliate Fugly Banner

The Fugly Banner I created

Here is another great benefit. There are ready built splash pages to advertise your programs with your newly created banners for each of the nine sizes of banner you create.

You will also find an optional downline builder that is specific to banner advertising sites. When one of your affiliates decides to join the downline builder you get a $17 payment directly to your PayPal account! Then they sign up for these programs with your links. All of the banner sites listed are great places to display your banners and advertise your websites.

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

An Incredible Tool For Traffic Exchanges

Hello Fellow Traffic Exchange Surfers,

I have been using Traffic Browser for a couple of years now and I absolutely love this incredible surfing tool!!!

Traffic Browser fixes all the problems associated with surfing multiple sites at the same time.

This browser blocks those annoying auto start videos and audios, this makes your surfing faster by loading the sites faster. Also much quieter.

It also blocks all the popups that halt your surfing. Even those very annoying exit pops that won’t allow you to leave the page without clicking 1, 2, 3 or even more popup boxes asking if you are sure you want to leave. You know the ones that I am talking about, when you try to leave it sends up a box in front of the site asking you if you really want to leave. YES I WANT TO LEAVE, IF I WERE INTERESTED I WOULD TELL YOU!!!

Traffic Browser comes pre-loaded with almost 600 hundred traffic exchanges. All you have to do is add your username password and affiliate number. If your favorite traffic exchange is not in the system you can add it to the suggested Traffic Exchange page and then you and other members can vote on their favorites.

You can also organize your traffic exchanges into groups that you can launch with one click of a button, up to 15 sites at the same time. Traffic Browser will even automatically log you in to those traffic exchanges.

One of my favorite features is the auto tab feature. Every time you click on the credit icon it switches to the next available traffic exchange, automatically. It will even skip a traffic exchange and come back later if the timer is still running! Boy does that ever speed your surfing!

You can join for free and surf up to 7 sites or upgrade to one of their very reasonably priced upgrades starting at just $2/month!  I took the premium membership at just $25/year, what a bargain!

If you spend part of your day surfing for traffic exchange credits you owe it to yourself to try Traffic Browser out!

Happy Surfing,
Steven Ackerman


Banner 8 Blue with Box Surf all your favorite TEs

FREE Rotators… with a TWIST!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Finally, someone has reinvented… the rotator!
This rotator “recycles” your traffic–

Take a look at some of the great features of this incredible new progran recently launched by Carl Bailey.

Here is what RMS Rotator can do for you:

Promote all your links with 1 url…
Recycle all your valuable website traffic…
Encourage surfers to checkout ALL of your links…
Turn a single ‘hit’ into 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 or more… HITS!
How is that possible? Simple, Carl Bailey has built a better Rotator!

Don’t try to imagine it…
Click Here to checkout my personal RMS Rotator!

There are 2 membership levels for RMS:

1.) Free Member Benefits:

Maintain up to three (3) rotator links.
Your links are rotated randomly in your “active” frame.
You will earn a $4.00 commission each time one of your referrals upgrade.

2.) Upgraded Member Benefits:

A Lifetime Upgrade is only $19.95
You can maintain an unlimited number of rotator links.
You have the option to select the first site to appear in the “active” frame.
Your other links are rotated randomly in your curtain menu via banners.
As an Upgraded member you will earn a $10.00 commission each time one of your referrals upgrades. is only one week old and it is taking internet marketing to a new level! It has an incredible 21.8% Upgrade Conversions rate! One of the best I have ever seen. People are loving RMS. Check out this incredible stat, $2,160 was paid out in commissions this first week! If YOU want some of that next Friday… grab these tools and start using them!

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

Give Potential Customers A Preview With Autoresponders

Hello Marketers,

Autoresponders are a great tool to build your list and advertise your products on the internet. We have all heard the saying, “The Money Is in the List!” This article gives you an example of how to monetize that list.

Building customer interest and excitement is the first step to successfully marketing of many products that you are promoting. Autoresponders can play a vital role in building this interest and excitement. For example, if you were developing an ebook, you may want to start telling your website visitors and opt-in subscribers about it and when it will be available. Start building interest and tell them what this product will do for them, and how soon they can get their copy.

You can do more than build interest by telling them about it. You can use an Autoresponder to let them preview your product before it is released! Even though you will be selling the product, you can allow your potential customers to Take a look at some of the information before it is released. Have you ever seen the previews for movies that will be playing in theaters soon? This is the same concept.

You can load one chapter of the ebook into an Autoresponder and put a form on your website where your visitors can enter their name and email address to receive the preview chapter free of charge. This gets their name on your list of potential customer. Each week, send a reminder email, letting them know how close the release date is, and what they can expect from your product to keep building interest and excitement.

Finally, a couple of days before you are ready to launch your product, you can offer those that received the preview the option to buy a pre-release copy. You can also opt to offer them a discounted price, or leave the price as it will be on launch day – the choice is yours.

When you are ready to launch take a look at the list of people who signed up to receive the preview a few days ahead of the launch. Take a look at how many of them are still ‘subscribed’ to that list. They have had the option to stop receiving notices about your product, but they chose to keep receiving the information you were
sending. These are highly targeted prospects for your product. They have already shown you that they have an interest in what you have to offer, and a large number of those people are simply waiting on the autoresponder broadcast message that will let them know that it is time to pick up their copy of your product!

Automation is a wonderful thing. By using  Autoresponders, you are able to see how much of a market there is for your product, and build a great deal of interest in that product before it is ever released. This is the key to making sales on launch day. Use autoresponders to build the interest. Get your prospects excited about what is about to come – and on launch day, give them what they are waiting for and watch the sales pour in!

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Becoming Featured Member of the Day

Hello Fellow Marketers,

For those of you that are not familiar with IBOtoolbox, it is an incredible FREE advertising program that you definately want to be a member of. You can see why I am a member by reading my profile at my IBOsocial Page.

Now about the “Featured Member of the Day” [FMOTD].

First of all let me say congratulations to the current “Featured Member of the Day”, Shannon Gawell. Enjoy your day in the spotlight!

So, the question is, how do you receive this great honor. I have been FMOTD 6 times, you may ask how did he do that.

The main thing is participation! It is a random drawing but you have to be an active member to be in the pool of candidates. I try to log in as often as possible. I don’t log in everyday but I try to get to IBOtoolbox at least 5 days a week. Then you want to mantain as may stars as possible, the maximum is 6.

Maximize your online marketing efforts by trying to get and maintain all 6 stars! Here is a list of the stars and how to achieve them.

Complete your Profile
Write Press Releases, like this one, on topics of your choice
Participate in Wall Activity by reading and adding posts
Refer new members
Set up and maintain your Advertising Activity
Comment on recent Press Releases and Videos posted by other members.

The best part is every time you achieve a star you get credits that you can convert into advertising impressions!

So the bottom line is this, BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER, and you too may receive the great honor of being FMOTD!

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Get the Scoop on cool commissions!

Hi Fellow Marketers,

Want to know where the commissions are?
Then have I got the scoop for you!

Do you ever wonder which programs
people are really earning commissions on –
and are actually getting paid?

Have you joined programs people told
you to, then found it hard to figure
out how to use them?

My friend Lynn M knows a thing or two
about all this – she’s been steadily building
her affiliate business online since 2007.

Here are some of the most common questions
Lynn M has fielded over many years:

– What programs do you use to earn commissions?
– Which programs are actually paying you?
– What tools do you use?
– And how can I learn to use those tools too?

Join, and here’s what you’ll find inside:

– Top lists of biggest earners (updated monthly)
– Tools you need to succeed and be more efficient
– Where to go to learn how to use those tools

Commission Scoop is a brand new program that
can answer those questions, and much more. You
can also become a Commission Scoop affiliate
and earn up to 30% commissions!

You can also potentially get lots of signups
and more commissions by re-branding the 75 top
programs in the downline builder with your own
affiliate links for a small one-time flat fee.

You have come to a fork in the road – you
can keep banging your head against the

Or you can make things easy on yourself
and glide effortlessly into the life of
your dreams…

Click the link below to join Commission Scoop

Yours in Success,

Steven Ackerman