Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most prominent forms of advertising online.

The most common banner ad sizes is 468×60 and 125×125, although there are many other sizes available. By using banners you can easily secure placements of your ads at most sites, and website owners can accept ads from most advertisers.

Banner ads are usually judged on the basis of their click-through rate and it is possible to achieve click-through rates many times the industry average when you combine good placement and design.

If you are an affiliate marketer, like I am, designing your own banners for your affiliate programs can help you stand out from the crowd.

I use a great banner design program named Fugly Banners. It is very easy to use and you can quickly and easily create and edit incredible banner ads in 9 different sizes. The best part is you can create, edit and host your banners for free!

Here is an examples of what I have created at Fugly Banners.

Fugly Banners standard affiliate banner:

The Fugly Banner I created:

A Couple more examples:

Standard Affiliate Banner for RocketResponder:

My Fugly Banner for RocketResponder:

Standard Affiliate Banner for Intellibanners:

My Fugly Banner for Intellibanners:

Where To Advertise Your Banners

Banner advertising is available all over the web. Most Traffic Exchanges, Text Ad Exchanges and Safelists accept banners as well as Banner Exchanges. Below you will find some of my favorite Banner Exchanges and Banner Sharing Websites.