Some IBOtoolbox Facts

Hello Fellow Marketers,

If you are looking for a great placed to get FREE exposure for your business, then IBOtoolbox is the place for you!

Here are a few facts about IBOtoolbox that you may not know.

1. IBOtoolbox is absolutely FREE for Everyone all the time!
2. You can’t upgrade even if you want to, because there is no upgrades available!
3. IBOtoolbox has the best marketing tools available on the internet that you are probably paying for somewhere else.
4. When members make a post to our “IBO Wall” 96% of the people that see the post are non-members.
5. The members of IBOtoolbox are the best, most helpful, and friendly online marketers you will ever meet.
6. Every IBOtoolbox membership comes with a FREE State-of-the-art online business website called IBOsocial, our window to the internet.
7. IBOurl will shorten your links, the only link shortener I know of where you can add targeted keywords for the search engines. Again for FREE.
8. Our Press Release tool is very easy to use and highly SEO optomized. And the continuing theme…it’s FREE.
9. The only thing you can spend money on at IBOtoolbox is extra advertising credits or Club IBO at an insanely reasonable low price.
10. Did I happen to mention that IBOtoolbox membership is absolutely FREE for everyone who wants it. There are many, many other tools available in the Toolbox. All Free all the time for everyone who joins for FREE!

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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