A Few Words About Using Safelists

A lot of people think that safelist advertising is a waste of time, but I think it is because they don’t know how to use them effectively. I use safelists all the time and get good results with them. I want to share with you some tips and tricks that I use to market effectively with safelists.

The most important thing to remember is what kind of safelist to use. I only use credit based lists. With this type of list you click on a link in the email to collect points so you can send out your email, 1 point equals 1 email. From my experience the safelists that don’t offer credits are a total waste of time and energy, bottom line is no one reads the emails.

Remember the purpose of a safelist is to sell YOU on THEIR product. They are not interested in what you have to offer.  This brings me to my second point. Offer them what they are looking for MORE FREE ADVERTISING. Don’t waste your time trying to sell them a product.

Make your email subject line stand out from the crowd. Add symbols before and after your title. Examples: ###Incredibly Enticing Title!!###, ***Incredibly Enticing Title!!***

Another important point is to be extremely brief. If the safelist allows you to use html code, use it. You only have seconds to catch their attention. Again remember the only reason they open your email is to get the points so they can send you an email. Just dangle a carrot in front of their nose and lead them to your website or to subscribe to your list. If the person reading your email has their interest peaked they are more likely to look at what you have to offer. DO NOT OFFER TO MUCH INFORMATION. Keep them wondering “Hmmm, what is this?”.

Another extremely important thing to remember is the link that you use in your safelist email. Use a splash page or a squeeze page. DO NOT send them to your full website!! They won’t read it. They are only collecting points. If the splash or squeeze page is of interest to them they will move to your website. I can’t state enough the importance of NOT SELLING to a safelist. IT WILL NOT WORK. The best advise I can give you is to move the prospect from the safelist to your own personal list. Safelist marketing will work if you remember what it is all about. Think about your own behavior when you are clicking for credits.

I would also like to say a few words about the email server you use for your safelist mails. DO NOT USE YOUR PRIMARY EMAIL ACCOUNT!!! Your inbox will be inundated with emails from the list. I use Gmail, which is also what most of the safelists recommend as well. I have 2 gmail accounts set up specifically for safelists. One for the list emails and another one for the admin emails. I like Gmail because I can set up filters and folders for each safelist I belong too.

I hope this article was helpful in furthering your safelist advertising.

 Here is a List of my Favorite Safelists

Profitable Email Marketing

Here are some Tools to Help You with your Safelist Marketing


Viral Mail Profits is a lot more than just a safelist! It will organize all of your lists, ad copy, titles, and click through rates under one roof. It also stores all your login links for you and serves as a downline builder in the most popular safelists and internet tools. It will also store all your passwords if you like. Plus much more. This is a must have tool for all your safelist needs.

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