Join The Party!

THE PARTY HAS STARTED! The “12 Days of Christmas” celebration has begun. Click the link for the details.  We have $200 in cash prizes with the top prize being $50!

Tornado Traffic  needs your help! We are a member of TE Command Post  and we need you to login to your account and add your Tornado Traffic affiliate ID to their downline builder. Just click the “Traffic Exchanges” button on the left-hand column.

Currently you will find Tornado Traffic on page 2. Adding your affiliate ID will help to raise our ranking and move Tornado Traffic up the list of traffic exchanges listed at TE Command Post.

Today we have cross promos with two incredible traffic exchanges, Zubee Downlines  and Surfaholics TE  Help support our surf partners and earn some free credits in the process.


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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Hello Everyone,

Here is what’s happening at Tornado Traffic Today!

The “12 Days of Christmas” has begun!!!  Today we have a practice day so that you can make sure everything is up and ready to go. Get started today to have a chance of winning one of our cash prizes! The prize pool is $200 with the top prize being $50. Good Luck with the contest!

Today we also have cross promos with Swat Traffic  and Magical Journey TE  Just surf 125 pages at Magical Journey TE and collect your choice of 100 credits or 250 Banners or Text ads! Surf 150 pages at Swat Traffic and collect your choice of 50 credits or 250 Banners or Text ads!

Tornado Traffic is a member of TE Command Post, Viral Traffic Games and Truckloads of Ads. We also have 1, 5, 10 and 50 point stars at TE Surf Academy!

We are now active in Traffic Browser. If you are a member of Traffic Browser please log in, add information and start surfing.

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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Tornado Traffic has Great News!

I have great news! Tornado Traffic is now active in Traffic Browser!!!  Add you information there and start surfing!

Tornado Traffic has been ranked 23 at TE Command Post this week and is now on page 2! Thank you to all that have added your referral id. Help us move up to page 1 maybe even into the strike force by going to TE Command Post  and adding your ID for Tornado Traffic if you haven’t added it already!

Please stop by our Facebook Fanpage  and like the page. You can also leave a comment or review.

Today at Tornado Traffic we have cross promo with Eagle Hitz  just surf 125 pages and collect you bonus of 100 credits or 250 banners or text ads.

Don’t forget about our upcoming “12 Day of Christmas” celebration, starting December 14th! We are giving away $200 in prizes! ()

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

P.S. Tornado Traffic is a proud member of Surfaholics System. We are a group of traffic exchange owners that have banded together to bring you the best, high quality traffic to your websites and affiliate pages. Please come check us out and join our Skype Room. We would be happy to talk to you about your marketing needs.

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