Please Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes! (Part 2)

Hello Fellow marketers,

I thought of a few more common mistakes that I see on the internet all the time.  If you missed my original article about this subject you can Find It Here.

When you are using safelists and viral mailers, don’t waste your time on mailers that do not offer a credit link to read their emails and do not send long drawn out emails. Nobody will read it anyway! The reader is looking for the credit link and will totally bypass your ad copy. The most important part of your email is a great subject line that will impel the reader to open it. Keep it short, sweet, and pique their interest so they are drawn to open your message.

Remember to keep your ad copy very short and simple. If your mailer allows html use

large, bold, and colorful print.

I try to avoid using images because many email carriers block images anyway.

Here is an example of an email I send out to promote a great program I am a member of,

Plus 1 Success

30 Days
30 Steps
30 Goals Accomplished!

Another mistake I see all the time, submitting the wrong size banners. I am sure you have all seen this as you surf the internet. Either the banner is all scrunched up and unreadable because the marketer sumitted a 468×60 banner to a site requiring a 125×125 banner, or it is all stretched out because they did the reverse.

The bottom line is this.  Always check your work before promoting. It only takes a few minutes and can literally save your reputation as a serious and professional marketer.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Please Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

My main means of marketing my products is through Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.

As I am reading emails and surfing traffic exchanges I see so many mistakes and these mistakes can kill your business.

Here is a very good example.  I use a splash page builder called Landing Page Monkey(LPM) and I track my advertising results with a great program called I noticed right away that the automatic tracking feature of was not compatible with Landing Page Monkey. I knew this because I ALWAYS check my links before I advertise a page.

Lately as I have been surfing traffic exchanges I see many LPM generated pages that are not displaying properly because of this incompatability.  It is obvious to me that the person promoting the link did not test their link before promoting it. This is a cardinal mistake!!!!  Always, always, always test your link before promoting. I would go so far as to say try it out in different browsers because not all browsers diplay pages the same way.

With safelists their are two big mistakes I see all the time.

1. The sender uses the wrong name macro. A name macro is a special code that is replaced by the safelist with your name. For example, I am sure all of us have received emails where the subject line says, “[firstname], You Have To Check This Out!” Instead of what it should be. In my case “Steven, You Have To Check This Out!” Here again the person sending out the email did not test it before sending it out.

2. Misspelled words! Their is absolutely no excuse for this. All of our computers and web browsers have spell check. Always, always, always check your ad copy for misspelled words before you send them out.

When you make any of these simple mistakes it makes your pages and ad copy look unprofessional and you will be dismissed as not being  a serious online marketer. None of us wants this unfortunate effect of sloppy or lazy marketing. It only takes a few minutes to make sure you are not guilty of making these simple errors.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman