The Intelligent way to Banner Advertising

Hello Fellow Marketers,

If you use Banner Advertising you are going to want to check out this incredible and powerful banner advertising tool!

Banner advertising is a great way to promote your brand awareness, and generate new leads. However, trying to manage, track, and update your banner campaigns at difference sources can be a difficult and time consuming task.

IntelliBanners consolidates all your banner ads into one intelligent banner. You can add, update, and remove banners from your IntelliBanners account instead of individual traffic exchanges and other programs.

The concept is simple:

1. You setup your banner ads in your IntelliBanners account. Categorize your banners into campaigns for easy management. You can then divide the campaigns by traffic exchange, type of program, or any other way that you choose!

2. Replace your individual banner ad URLs with your IntelliBanners campaign banner URLs. The intelligent banners work just like regular banner ads, and can be submitted to most traffic exchanges, paid to click programs, and other sites.

3. You will now be able to manage all your banners from your IntelliBanners account with just a few clicks.

You can easily change or update your banners without logging into each individual program you are promoting. You can also view your stats for each program, and see how each program compares in terms of unique hits and click-thru ratios.

I would highly recommend the Upgraded Membership because IntelliBanners also offers a banner co-op program that is available to all Upgraded Members for no additional cost. That alone is worth the price of the monthly upgrade. I have been receiving an average of 1200 hits every week just for being upgraded!

IntelliBanners also purchase a large quantity of banner advertising from leading traffic exchanges for their co-op program. Combining these two advertising sources, the IntelliBanners co-op can take your banner advertising to a whole new level!

Here is another great reason to upgrade. When free members promote their IntelliBanners campaign banners, their own banner ads will be shown 80% of the time. The remaining 20% will go to the co-op views. Upgraded members get their own banners shown 100% of the time.

Right now, when you join, you will receive a FREE 7 day upgrade to try it out. I am sure when you see the incredible benefits you will continue as an Upgraded member!


To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Break Free Traffic Formula

Brand and Build are the key words in this game ...

Brand – promote you first.
Build – build your contact base – your list,
your followers and your connections.
Get these two principles right and you’re well
on your way….

Everyone is prepared to tell you what to do, but no one is
prepared to tell you how to do it.

The TheĀ Break Free Traffic Formula
is 100% UNIQUE, not some regurgitated
rubbish that doesn’t work.

This is written for the little guys.
Yes I know you’ve heard it all before, so I’ll make
you three promises

I promise that, if you follow the simple methods
outlined in this book, you can pull hundreds maybe
thousands of subscribers (or more) to your
mailing list.

I promise the book shows you how you can turn this
information into a 100% PROFIT INCOME in less than
one hour from NOW … Money that nobody else will
ever touch … Money that will go straight into
YOUR pocket … Money that you don’t have to share
with ANYONE (and that includes me!)

The Break Free Traffic Formula maybe the new
definitive reference to generate leads from
Traffic Exchanges and other free advertising sites.

The Break Free Traffic Formula contains all
the ingredients not only to pull eager subscribers to
your mailing list and turn them into customers. but the
techniques and methods that will leverage your subscribers
into a wider social network.

Today, The Break Free Traffic Formula is 100% rebrandable.
(That means YOU get ALL the links)

Today, you can sell the rights to rebrand
The Break Free Traffic Formula and you get to keep 100%
of the resale price (which YOU decide).

Today ,you learn how to brand yourself with your own website
as a The Break Free Traffic Formula Partner, you’ll get webhosting as
part of the package.

Here are my promises again…

1/.. A UNIQUE concept that you will NOT find
anywhere else on the net.

2/.. A stream of subscribers to your mailing

3/.. 100% profit straight into your pocket.

4/.. Webhosting package made available for you.

You want to know more?

Easy as that!

Go Brand and Build your business!

PS: Rebrand this today give it away and watch your business grow.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman