Safelist and Viral Mailer Tips

Hello Safelist and Viral Mailer Marketers,


Today I want to give you some tips and tricks I use to maximize my use of Safelists, Viral Mailers and Solo Ad Sites.


First let me say that I use these types of site on a daily basis and I get good results from them, but they MUST be used properly to get maximum results.

Almost all of the sites I use are the credit based sites. You earn credits by clicking the link in the email so that you can sent to the list with your earned credits. For most of these sites it is a 1 to 1 ratio. I credit used per member emailed.


The #1 MISTAKE people make is long drawn out emails that go on for days! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME, NOBODY WILL READ IT!!! Most users of these site are just looking for the credit link at the end of the email and you will actually tick them off if they need to scroll and scroll to get to that link.


KEEP IT SHORT AND TO THE POINT! Don’t give away to much information. You don’t want them to make a decision about you offer based on your email. You want to pique their intrest so the will click the link and go to your sales page. A very good friend of mine once told me a very import sales concept. “Sell the sizzle not the steak!”


Many of these sites allow html emails. USE IT! I like to use

Bold, Colorful, Large Type.

Catch their attention! I also avoid images as many people and email servers block images. Plus it will slow down your load time.


I am an upgraded member of Viral Mail Profits and I use this site to send 95% of my list sites. This is an incredible platform that will store all of you list sites, ad copy, and statistics in one location. Plus, they have a wonderful browser add on called Ulti-Send that will save you a huge amount of time using these sites.


Let’s move on to how to maximize your credit earnings so that you can send your ads to the members of these lists.


If you don’t already have one get a Gmail account. This is the best email server for safelists because of its large capacity to receive email and very low bounce rate. Many of these sites require a gmail account. I set up filters in my Gmail account so that each different list goes to it’s own folder


Turn on the shortcut keys. When you open one of your folders and click on an email you can advance to the next email by just clicking on the J key. This really speeds up going to the next email.


If your mouse has a middle scroll wheel, when you move your curser over a link and click the wheel the link will automatically open in a new tab. This is not just for emails it works on all links. TRY IT HERE!


I  like to open 10 emails at a time then go through them to click the credits links.


I also use handy tool call Quick Tab Change to move to the next tab with the click of one button on your keyboard. When you open the app there are several keys to choose from for the tab advancement.


I hope you find these tips useful and time saving.


To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman

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Earn Your Upgrade

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Didn’t Have to Pay for Upgrades?

We all know that at any membership style website you join the upgraded members get all the best benefits. You are pretty much very limited as a free member as to how many ads you can post, how often you can post them, how many people you can mail to, how many sites you can advertise….

Earn Your Upgrade gives you another way to get upgraded accounts without paying out of your pocket! All you have to do is click ads and earn credits which you can then trade for upgraded memberships at 29 participating websites in our network. Not only can you get upgraded memberships they all come with some pretty nice advertising packages too!

Refer others and you can earn even more credits from their efforts! When your referrals click ads you get credits equal to 15% of what they earn!

Currently there are 29 sites in our network which consist of List Builders, Safelists, Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges. Because we want you to help you get your first upgrade, for a limited time we are going to Give You 5000 Credits to get you started. That will get you HALFWAY to your first upgrade! These credits will be added to your Earn Your Upgrade account automatically once you confirming your account.

Here is another great bennefit of membership at Earn Your Upgrade.

There are five different “Earn Credits” lists. When you click just 65 ads at each of these lists in a day, you will receive a bonus of $0.50 and 350 bonus credits

So Signup Now and take advantage of this offer!


To Our Mutual Success,

Steven Ackerman

Turbo Charge Your Email Marketing

Hello Fellow Safelist Marketers,

I HATE losing signups don’t you?

Have you got hours and hours a day to send out all your emails? Me neither!

I have a solution for you called Viral Mail Profits!

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We all know that time is money and being efficient is the key to any successful marketer, especially when it comes to keeping your list builders and safelists working to their highest potential.

Viral Mail Profits does just that and you will clearly see why top professionals are saying that VMP is revolutionizing their email marketing.

Grabbing hot targeted prospects has never been so fast, easy and free before.

You won’t believe how many ways you can grab hot new targeted prospects and make more money with these viral cash time bombs.

You know how you can get too busy to do mailings? No time to hunt for your email copy, or write fresh copy? Do you forget when your next email is due? Such a pain!! BUT not any more!

Viral Mail Profits makes all your mailing easy. You will even get a free downline to mail to, because Viral Mail Profits is also a viral mailer.

AND it’s all free!

Mail To The Max!
Steven Ackerman

P.S. Viral Mail Profits now has Ulti-Send! Which will turbo charge your email marketing even more!

Please Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes! (Part 2)

Hello Fellow marketers,

I thought of a few more common mistakes that I see on the internet all the time.  If you missed my original article about this subject you can Find It Here.

When you are using safelists and viral mailers, don’t waste your time on mailers that do not offer a credit link to read their emails and do not send long drawn out emails. Nobody will read it anyway! The reader is looking for the credit link and will totally bypass your ad copy. The most important part of your email is a great subject line that will impel the reader to open it. Keep it short, sweet, and pique their interest so they are drawn to open your message.

Remember to keep your ad copy very short and simple. If your mailer allows html use

large, bold, and colorful print.

I try to avoid using images because many email carriers block images anyway.

Here is an example of an email I send out to promote a great program I am a member of,

Plus 1 Success

30 Days
30 Steps
30 Goals Accomplished!

Another mistake I see all the time, submitting the wrong size banners. I am sure you have all seen this as you surf the internet. Either the banner is all scrunched up and unreadable because the marketer sumitted a 468×60 banner to a site requiring a 125×125 banner, or it is all stretched out because they did the reverse.

The bottom line is this.  Always check your work before promoting. It only takes a few minutes and can literally save your reputation as a serious and professional marketer.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman

Please Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes!

Hello Fellow Marketers,

My main means of marketing my products is through Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.

As I am reading emails and surfing traffic exchanges I see so many mistakes and these mistakes can kill your business.

Here is a very good example.  I use a splash page builder called Landing Page Monkey(LPM) and I track my advertising results with a great program called I noticed right away that the automatic tracking feature of was not compatible with Landing Page Monkey. I knew this because I ALWAYS check my links before I advertise a page.

Lately as I have been surfing traffic exchanges I see many LPM generated pages that are not displaying properly because of this incompatability.  It is obvious to me that the person promoting the link did not test their link before promoting it. This is a cardinal mistake!!!!  Always, always, always test your link before promoting. I would go so far as to say try it out in different browsers because not all browsers diplay pages the same way.

With safelists their are two big mistakes I see all the time.

1. The sender uses the wrong name macro. A name macro is a special code that is replaced by the safelist with your name. For example, I am sure all of us have received emails where the subject line says, “[firstname], You Have To Check This Out!” Instead of what it should be. In my case “Steven, You Have To Check This Out!” Here again the person sending out the email did not test it before sending it out.

2. Misspelled words! Their is absolutely no excuse for this. All of our computers and web browsers have spell check. Always, always, always check your ad copy for misspelled words before you send them out.

When you make any of these simple mistakes it makes your pages and ad copy look unprofessional and you will be dismissed as not being  a serious online marketer. None of us wants this unfortunate effect of sloppy or lazy marketing. It only takes a few minutes to make sure you are not guilty of making these simple errors.

To Our Mutual Success
Steven Ackerman