Why Track Your Ads?

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Why is tracking your ads is so important?

As you well know, advertising is expensive and time consuming. If you are not tracking your results, you may be just throwing your advertising time and dollars right out the window. If you are not now tracking your advertising results you really should be. How else will you know if your advertising is effective. With tracking you can determine which ads are working and which ads are not, saving you time and money.

Late last year the guys at TimTech (The Click, Track, Profit guys) totally revamped TEToolbox into Trck.me! The new site is totally awesome! You can even try it out absolutely free for 30 days. Trck.me is tracking made simple and tracking made easy and fun. I have tried other tracking programs and this is easier to use and the results are easier to understand. If you select the business plan, you can even track with your own domain name!

With Trck.me you can also rotate your links, do split testing of your ads and banners, rotate your banners, and add a website counter! You can rotate all of your banners also, not just 468×60. I am tracking standard size banners, 125×125 button banners, and 300×600 login banners and some other sizes as well.

By using Trck.me I am also saving money by eliminating at least 3 other programs that I was paying for. This program is only a few months old and is growing and evolving weekly. There have already been several improvements made and I am sure there will be more. The guys at TimTech are always at the top of there game. Don’t hesitate even one more minute to start tracking your advertising click this link for your 30 day Free Trial NOW! http://trck.me/funtrack/

To Our Mutual Tracking Success,

Steven Ackerman

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